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Telework Pilot Program

4.25.24: Part of the newly settled contracts with the City of New York includes a pilot telework program that allows eligible employees to work remotely for up to two days per week. Not everyone will be eligible to telework as some jobs do not allow for this type of arrangement and some agencies are not participating in the program. Each individual agency decides whether to participate; the decision is NOT up to the union. The program runs until May 31, 2025, and has the option of being renewed based on effectiveness and worker participation.

"Unfortunately, we do not have control over whether an agency participates in the pilot program," said Local 300 President James Golden. "No union has a say in this decision. We have advocated to get as many agencies to participate as possible, but the rest is out of our control."

Members at agencies with approved telework programs are strongly encouraged to follow the rules of the program at their agency.
• Report to the office on the days you must work in person
• On the days you work remotely, start your day at the designated time and do not end your day earlier than your stop time
• Be at your computer for the entire workday
• Do not take breaks other than the ones you are entitled to take
• Keep an open line of communication with your boss/supervisor at all times
• If you experience any power or internet outages, report them immediately
• On telework days, work as if you are working in an office; work responsibly, effectively, and efficiently

The fate of the pilot program depends on whether union members work to the best of their ability and agencies do not see any change in performance.

If you have any questions about the pilot telework program at your agency, please reach out to your Shop Steward or the union.

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President's Message

SEIU Local 300 Reaches Agreement with City on New Contract

It is with great pleasure that I and the Executive Board are announcing an agreement with the City of New York and SEIU LOCAL 300 pending your ratification. Our agreement with the city mirrors that of the DC 37 agreement ratified in March.

First, there will be a $3,000 ratification bonus, our members must be in active status on the day of ratification, which will be Oct. 9, 2023.

2.23.22 - 3%
2.23.23 - 3%
2.23.24 - 3%
2.23.25 - 3%
2.23.26 - 3.25%

These raises are compounded and at the end of the contract will total 16.26%.

SEIU Local 300 and the City agree to a remote work pilot consistent with the terms of the District Council 37 Remote Work Pilot dated May 31, 2023. The parties (Local 300 and The City) further agree to continue to discuss work flexibility measures to enhance the recruitment and retention of City employees and employee morale, including but not limited to compressed schedules and flexible scheduling.

On 2.23.27, our Annuity will increase $317 annually and a recurring $100 per employee (active and retiree) increase to the welfare fund. Finally, all employees of Mayoral Agencies, elected officials, the Department of Education, and the New York City Housing Authority who receive paychecks via direct deposit shall be opted out of receiving paper pay stubs. Employees may choose to opt in via NYCAPS or other appropriate method.

The ballot must be back by Oct. 9, 2023. So, once you receive it vote and drop it in the mail.

In Unity,
James Golden


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