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Vaccine Mandate Update from
Municipal Labor Committee

Nov. 3, 2021: Since the filing of the Improper Practice Charge against the City for failure to bargain implementation of its latest vaccine mandate there have been bargaining sessions with a number of groups. These sessions have also have produced discussion with the City focusing on the unfairness of the short timeframe to deal with the hastily-issued mandate. The most recent discussions benefited from the involvement of Marty Scheinman. With Marty’s assistance, we have arrived at the following:

  • Given the uncertainty swirling around effective dates, the City will allow those who filed medical or religious exemption/accommodation requests through 11:59 p.m. on November 2nd to be included within the group that will remain on payroll through either the City agency or independent Scheinman appeal process (previous cutoff was Oct. 27th and, as set out below, only allowed for continuation of pay if the employee chose the City agency appeal path);

  •  Employees will be able to file new exemption/accommodation requests today through 11:59 p.m. on Friday, November 5th; those who file during this period will remain on payroll through the agency determination of the request, not through the appeal process (this opportunity was foreclosed by the prior Order). If an appeal is granted, the employee will be paid retroactive to the date of the agency determination.

  • For appeals of agency denials of exemption/accommodation requests, there will be two separate processes, the City “statutory” one and the independent Scheinman group, but now both will be treated the same; that is, for employees who filed for exemption/accommodation by November 2, workers will remain on payroll through determination of appeal under either path (previously, the City was not allowing employees to remain on payroll if they chose the independent Scheinman path); and

  • For those workers who were placed on leave without pay as of November 1, but get their first vaccine by 11:59 p.m. this Friday, November 5, Scheinman will have jurisdiction to meet and discuss with the City and Unions how their period of unpaid status should be addressed.

For those Unions interested in going forward on this basis, these provisions will be folded into a Memorandum of Agreement, one for Civilian Unions and one for Uniformed Unions (the difference being the separation incentive since Uniformed workers have unlimited sick leave), that OLR will provide this afternoon. As contemplated, the process is modeled on the initial Scheinman Arbitration Award for the DOE unions (including leave of absence and separation incentives with continued healthcare through June 30, 2022), with the modifications highlighted above, and other changes regarding a potentially broader view of exceptions under the City appeal path and a waiver of certain aspects of further appeal from the Scheinman appeal path. We will have recommendations from the lawyers on the full MOA once received. Given the new opportunities for members this week, you are urged to consider all this promptly and get the word out as appropriate.

President's Message

Dear Members,

From all the members of the Executive Board and myself, we hope and pray that you are safe and healthy in this time of crisis. It is with great satisfaction that I am posting this message on our new website. Despite the issues we encountered over the pandemic, it is finally up and running. Please take some time to browse and see the improvements we’ve made. Thank you for your patience and continued support in these trying times. Please remember that wearing a mask is not a political statement, it will keep us all alive.

We have nothing to inform you regarding the negotiations concerning our new contract. Our current contract ends this year and the Executive Board is working diligently to get us the best possible deal. The COVID-19 pandemic has made negotiations difficult to navigate, but we will persevere.

The insurrection at our capital on Wednesday, January 6th, 2021, is antithetical to democracy. The election was not stolen from Trump. He lost in a fair and free election, and he needs to shut the hell up. What he did was treason and let no one tell you otherwise. Many elections are done by mail. Republican politicians push for in-person voting restrictions because it allows them to further suppress the vote. Our whole democratic belief system is based on majority rules, but only if it is the majority that I want. When Clinton lost, she did not start a campaign against the legitimacy of the new administration. She conceded. Trump, however, relies on a scorched policy orchestrated by Roger Stone, who set up the “steal the vote” campaign back in 2016 in case Trump lost. The claims of a fraudulent election are entirely motivated by this angry fascist’s damaged ego.

The American flag cannot mask the rampant hatred in our society. The greatest conflict in our country is not one of race, religion, or gender, but of class. The ruling class continues its assault against us, the workers and the real producers of their capital. They have pit us against each other so they can remain in power. We are all entitled to live a peaceful and decent life.

Even as I grow older, I continue to hold my beliefs in mutual respect and peaceful coexistence, taught to me by my immigrant parents at a young age. Throughout history, oppressed people have fought for their right to life. From childhood, we are taught fairness as a virtue, and then realize how little our country reflects it as we come of age. We don’t all have to be friends, but we do have to respect each other. We need to strive for freedom and justice, so we can all have this right. As we fight COVID-19, we must also do our best to eradicate the disease of hatred. Know that Trump and his followers are not the disease, but they are sure as hell infected with it.

We are in the process of setting up a virtual General Membership Meeting. Please check the website for any updates. We hope to have the meeting in the near future.

In unity,
James Golden

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